Tsuyoi Kizuna (強い絆 lit. Strong Bond) is the first track in Fanatasista Doll Character Song !! Vol. 4

Strong Bond
Fantasista Doll Character Song !! Vol. 4.jpg
Performed by Katia and Miko Uno
Release Date November 20, 2013
Label TOHO animation Records

Track ListingEdit

Reagular EditionEdit

  1. Tsuyoi Kizuna (強い絆)
  2. Saba Yada!Chocolate Please! (サバやだ!チョコプリーズっ!)
  3. Usagi Shoujo No Nichijou (うさぎ少女の日常)
  1. Tsuyoi Kizuna (強い絆) (Off Vocal)
  2. Saba Yada!Chocolate Please! (サバやだ!チョコプリーズっ!) (Off Vocal)
  3. Usagi Shoujo No Nichijou (うさぎ少女の日常) (Off Vocal)



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