Fantasista Doll - OP 01.10
Gender Female
Classification Doll



Chinatsu Akasaki

Shimeji (しめじ?) is one of the main characters of Fantasista Doll series.


Shimeji is a girl with pink eyes. Her hair is long in length with bangs that stick out at an angle and a big of hair pulled up in a small ponytail held by a white flower. In her hair are other small flovers and clovers, matching her earrings. She wears an outfit that resembles an apron and school uniform. It consists of a very pale pink dress with ruffles at the bottom, a magenta collar with white lines that has a lilac tied ribbon attached to it. Along with pale pink cuffs that have single blue lines on them, a pair of ivy-green shorts, and pink and white sneakers with pale pink leg warmers.

Transformed, Shimeji's hair lengthens slightly while her bangs stick up more and her ponytail becomes sharper, held with a star clip. Her hair also gains a tiny dot-clip. Shimeji gains a revealing black dress with ribbons and bows of light pink and mint all over it, along with white bandaging at her wrists, white curvy shorts, and a pair of white boots with a pink flower at the heel and mint lacing.


Shimeji is a sensitive, fragile girl after being abandoned by her previous master. At first, she didn't think much of Uzume since she assumed right away that she would abandon them. But when Uzume makes a promise she wouldn't do that, she begins to have faith in her.





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