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File:01-sasara.jpgFile:01 - Candy Magic.oggFile:01 bg.jpg
File:02 - Mae e.oggFile:02 bg.jpgFile:03 bg.jpg
File:04 - Candy Magic (off vocal).oggFile:04 bg.jpgFile:05 - Mae e (off vocal).ogg
File:05 bg.jpgFile:06 bg.jpgFile:07 bg.jpg
File:6755c250ec094f93bb7914d7e3883374.jpgFile:Affiliation nanana.pngFile:Affiliation nonnontv.png
File:AnimeSS 01 001.pngFile:AnimeSS 01 002.pngFile:AnimeSS 01 003.png
File:AnimeSS 01 004.pngFile:AnimeSS 01 005.pngFile:AnimeSS 01 006.png
File:AnimeSS 01 007.pngFile:AnimeSS 01 008.pngFile:AnimeSS 01 009.png
File:AnimeSS 01 010.pngFile:AnimeSS 01 011.pngFile:AnimeSS 01 012.png
File:AnimeSS 01 013.pngFile:AnimeSS 01 014.pngFile:AnimeSS 01 015.png
File:AnimeSS 01 016.pngFile:AnimeSS 01 017.pngFile:AnimeSS 01 018.png
File:AnimeSS 01 019.pngFile:AnimeSS 01 020.pngFile:AnimeSS 01 021.png
File:AnimeSS 01 022.pngFile:AnimeSS 01 023.pngFile:AnimeSS 01 024.png
File:AnimeSS 01 025.pngFile:AnimeSS 01 026.pngFile:AnimeSS 01 027.png
File:AnimeSS 01 028.pngFile:AnimeSS 01 029.pngFile:AnimeSS 01 030.png
File:AnimeSS 01 031.pngFile:AnimeSS 01 032.pngFile:AnimeSS 01 033.png
File:AnimeSS 01 034.pngFile:AnimeSS 01 035.pngFile:AnimeSS 01 036.png
File:AnimeSS 01 037.pngFile:AnimeSS 01 038.pngFile:AnimeSS 01 039.png
File:AnimeSS 01 040.pngFile:AnimeSS 01 041.pngFile:AnimeSS 01 042.png
File:AnimeSS 01 043.pngFile:AnimeSS 01 044.pngFile:AnimeSS 01 045.png
File:AnimeSS 01 046.pngFile:AnimeSS 01 047.pngFile:AnimeSS 01 048.png
File:AnimeSS 01 049.pngFile:AnimeSS 01 050.pngFile:AnimeSS 01 051.png
File:AnimeSS 01 052.pngFile:AnimeSS 01 053.pngFile:AnimeSS 01 054.png
File:AnimeSS 01 055.pngFile:AnimeSS 01 056.pngFile:AnimeSS 01 057.png
File:AnimeSS 01 058.pngFile:AnimeSS 01 059.pngFile:AnimeSS 01 060.png
File:AnimeSS 01 061.pngFile:AnimeSS 01 062.pngFile:AnimeSS 01 063.png
File:AnimeSS 01 064.pngFile:AnimeSS 01 065.pngFile:AnimeSS 01 066.png
File:AnimeSS 01 067.pngFile:AnimeSS 01 068.pngFile:AnimeSS 01 069.png
File:AnimeSS 01 070.pngFile:AnimeSS 01 071.pngFile:AnimeSS 01 072.png
File:AnimeSS 01 073.pngFile:AnimeSS 01 074.pngFile:AnimeSS 01 075.png
File:AnimeSS 01 076.pngFile:AnimeSS 01 077.pngFile:AnimeSS 01 078.png
File:AnimeSS 01 079.pngFile:AnimeSS 01 080.pngFile:AnimeSS 01 081.png
File:AnimeSS 01 082.pngFile:AnimeSS 01 083.pngFile:AnimeSS 01 084.png
File:AnimeSS 01 085.pngFile:AnimeSS 01 086.pngFile:AnimeSS 01 087.png
File:AnimeSS 01 088.pngFile:AnimeSS 01 089.pngFile:AnimeSS 01 090.png
File:AnimeSS 01 091.pngFile:AnimeSS 01 092.pngFile:AnimeSS 01 093.png
File:AnimeSS 01 094.pngFile:Badge-edit-0.pngFile:Badge-edit-1.png
File:Book 978-4-15-031130-8.jpgFile:CD Charasong1.pngFile:CD DAYbyDAY.jpg
File:CD Imayo.jpgFile:CharaLargeAkari.pngFile:CharaLargeKagami.png
File:CharaLargeMiko.pngFile:CharaLargeShimeji.pngFile:Character Song Vol.1.jpg
File:Doll katia 1.jpgFile:Doll katia 2.jpgFile:Doll madeleine 1.jpg
File:Doll madeleine 2.jpgFile:Doll sasara 1.jpgFile:Doll sasara 2.jpg
File:Doll shimeji 1.jpgFile:Doll shimeji 2.jpgFile:Example.jpg
File:Fantasista Doll - 02 03.20.pngFile:Fantasista Doll - OP 00.16.pngFile:Fantasista Doll - OP 00.23.png
File:Fantasista Doll - OP 00.29.pngFile:Fantasista Doll - OP 00.41.pngFile:Fantasista Doll - OP 00.47.png
File:Fantasista Doll - OP 01.01.pngFile:Fantasista Doll - OP 01.02.pngFile:Fantasista Doll - OP 01.05.png
File:Fantasista Doll - OP 01.06.pngFile:Fantasista Doll - OP 01.08.pngFile:Fantasista Doll - OP 01.10.png
File:Fantasista Doll - OP 01.13.pngFile:Fantasista Doll - OP 01.14.pngFile:Fantasista Doll - OP 01.15.png
File:Fantasista Doll - OP 01.16.pngFile:Fantasista Doll - OP 01.18.pngFile:Fantasista Doll - OP 01.22.png
File:Fantasista Doll - OP 01.30.pngFile:Fantasista Doll ED Single OST Soundtrack いつもみんな一緒File:Fantasista Doll OP Single OST Soundtrack 今よ! ファンタジスタドール Off Vocal)
File:Fantasista Doll opening HDFile:Fantasistadoll visual.jpgFile:Favicon.ico
File:Forum new.gifFile:GirlsRoyale chara akari.pngFile:GirlsRoyale chara katia.png
File:GirlsRoyale chara madoleine.pngFile:GirlsRoyale chara sasara.pngFile:GirlsRoyale chara shimeji.png
File:GirlsRoyale chara uzume.pngFile:GirlsRoyale top.pngFile:Girlsroyale visual.jpg
File:ImgUzume02.jpgFile:Main comm blog.pngFile:Main feat image.png
File:Main feat video.pngFile:Main welcome.pngFile:Main what.png
File:Manga mekimeki 1.jpgFile:Manga mix 1.jpgFile:Manga preludekagami.jpg
File:Manga preludekagami 1.jpgFile:Novel illust 1.jpgFile:PreludeKagami 0004.jpg
File:PreludeKagami CCF 0039.jpgFile:PreludeKagami CCF 0066.jpgFile:PreludeKagami CCF 0102.jpg
File:Sasara lucentheart.jpgFile:THCA-60021.jpgFile:THCS-60013.jpg
File:Uzume-kagami lucentheart.jpgFile:Uzume png.pngFile:Wiki-background
File:Wiki-wordmark.pngFile:Yellow.pngFile:『Fantasista Doll』片頭曲・「今よ!ファンタジスタドール」(FULL)
File:サウンドドラマ「ファンタジスタドール オリエンテーション」第6回:マドレーヌ編

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