Fantasista Doll - OP 01.08
Gender Female
Classification Doll



Sora Tokui

Katia (カティア?) is one of the main characters of Fantasista Doll series.


Katia is the shortest of Uzume's dolls. She has pale skin and bright blue eyes, with ice-blue hair worn in hooped pigtails held by cotton puffs, small pearl chains, lilac cloth, and dark blue ribbons. Some of her hair is loose and worn down. She wears a periwinkle dress with fluffy white color and cuffs, and a loose cotton puff-like belt with smaller pearls and puffs around the hips. On the dress are also three dark blue buttons and stripes at the bottom, with a blue and white striped bow at each pleat of her skirt to match the one at her neck. She also has white stockings with pale pink markings and wears black sandals with dark blue cotton puffs at the center of the foot.

When transformed, all of Katia's hair is tied into looped pigtails held with two big white cotton buffs, with balls of pink, green, and yellow strewn through her hair. The hair that frames her face is also gone, and she gains a pair of red glasses over her eyes. She wears a yellow and white blouse that hangs off of her shoulders with a pair of balloon shorts that has a pale, translucent pink skirt on top of them decorated with yellow dots. She also has white stockings worn with yellow and white maryjane flats with small saplings at the tongue of both shoes, and a white scarf with yellow, pink, and green balls all over it. On end is a red and white ribbon with a dangle bunny. 


A young girl with a lot of luck who acts very careless and carefree about things. She is pretty childish and as a result, befriended Uzume's little sister, Miko. Who she hangs out with whenever she gets a chance.





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