Kagami Totori
Fantasista Doll - OP 01.14
Age about 13-14
Gender Female
Classification Human



Sachika Misawa

Kagami Totori (戸取 かがみ Totori Kagami?) is one of the secondary characters of Fantasista Doll series.


Kagami is a girl with blue eyes an long blue hair worn in double pigtails, with two in short bunches and the other two much longer. She is usually found in her school uniform.


At first, as an antagonist, Kagami acts cool towards Uzume Uno, and just keep on targeting her cards. However, as time goes on, Kagami accepts Uzume's kindness and her friendship invitation. The inner her is actually kind and desired her long lost brother, which is the reason why she targeted Uzume's cards that Mutual Hopes' Supporting Committee assured her brother's safety if she delivered Uzume's cards.


As a young child her brother was kidnapped. Whilst every one else tried to forget and move on Kagami didn't give up hope.She was going to find her brother with any means necessary!


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Other AppearancesEdit

Uzume-kagami lucentheart

Uzume and Kagami in Lucent Heart.

Lucent HeartEdit

Kagami is one of the Fantasista Doll characters which featured in the MMORPG "Lucent Heart". She was featured as a costum avatar and being sale on Spetember 25 until October 9, 2013 with 200 GASH points.




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