Fantasista Doll ~Prelude Kagami~
Fantajisuta Dōru
~Pureryūdo Kagami~
Manga preludekagami 1
Media Manga
Story FD Production Committee,
Tomiyaki Kagisora
Illustration Tomiyaki Kagisora
Release Date July 2013



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This story revolves around a normal girl named Kanade Miyauchi and the doll master Kagami Totori.

Kanade Miyauchi is a normal girl who lost her elder sister. Later, she met Kagami Totori and learned the powers of Fantasista Dolls, and met her sister again as the member of Circus, and found out the reason why she leave Kanade―because her jealousy of Kanade. As Kanade face her sister again, Kanade moves her heart, and reminds her that the place she belong is her family, not Circus. As Kagami finish her case with Kanade, the chairman give her a mission―to steal Uzume Uno's cards.


Kanade Miyauchi (宮内かなで Miyauchi Kanade?)
The protagonist of this series. Kanade lost her sister and has Kagami who helped her to search her sister.
Kagami Totori (戸取かがみ Totori Kagami?)
A doll master. In a certain conditions, she will appear as rumored in net. Her dolls are Kū Kunoichi, A. S., Mazon, Lili Super 1, and Lamq.
Kanade's Elder Sister (かなでの姉 Kanade no ane?)
Kanade's long lost sister, as they met again, she became the member of "Circus" (サーカス Sākasu?).
Matinee (マチネ Machiné?)
A doll master who claimed to be Circus' member.
Soilee (ソワレ Soware?)
A doll master who claimed to be Circus' member.
Yūka (ユウカ?)
Kanade's friend.
Uzume Uno (鵜野 うずめ Uno Uzume?)
Protagonist of the main series, and appeared indirectly in this story.



  • After the end of Chapter 4 in the tankobon version, Kagisora added an illustration of chibified Kagami attacking Uzume with the text "To be continued to Episode 1!".