Sasara Sarasara: You're My Master?
Fantasista Doll - 02 03.20
Scenario Noboru Kimura
Storyboard Hisashi Saito
Episode Director Shigeru Ueda, Katsuya Shigehara
Animation Director Shōko Takimoto
Japanese Air Date

July 14, 2013

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Sasara Sarasara: You're My Master? (ささらさらさら 仮にもマイマスター? Sasara Sarasara: Kari ni mo Mai Masutā??) is the second episode of Fantasista Doll anime series. The episode premiered on July 14, 2013.

Following an argument with Sasara, who wasn't happy with Uzume being dishonest about turning down an invitation by her classmate, Manai Hatsuki, Uzume stubbornly states that she wants to stop being the dolls' master and return the cards to where they came. Tracing it back to a seemingly abandoned factory, she is faced with various other dolls tasked with guarding the facility. Overcoming her feud, Uzume manages to work with the dolls to beat back their opponents. Reaching the main office, they find a man known only as Rafflesia, who awards Uzume with various support cards. Whilst heading home, having made up with Sasara and the others, Uzume encounters Manai, who summons out dolls of her own.



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