Fanatsista Doll Character Song!! Vol.1 (ファンタジスタドール Character Song!! Vol.1) is the first character CD of the anime Fantsista Doll. It is sung by Uzume Uno (CV. Ayaka Ohashi), Manai Uzuki (CV.Sumire Uesaka) and Kagami Totori (CV. Sachika Misawa).

Track ListingEdit

  1. My☆Friend (マイ☆フレンズ)
  2. Starlight☆Fantasy (Starlight☆ふぁんたじー)
  3. Endless Nightmare 
  4. Ima yo! Fantasista Doll (DJ YO-C Remix) (今よ!ファンタジスタドール)
  5. Ima yo! Fantasista Doll (Mijk van Dijk remix) (今よ!ファンタジスタドール) 
  6. My☆Friend (マイ☆フレンズ) (Off Vocal)
  7. Starlight☆Fantasy (Starlight☆ふぁんたじー) (Off Vocal)
  8. Endless Nightmare (Off Vocal)

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